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We are excited that we shall be able to welcome you through the doors and into our store again at The Sewing Store from Thursday 14th May! Your next visit to The Sewing Store might be a little different to your last visit pre-COVID-19. Let me run you through the changes we have implemented to be able to open in Level 2:

  1. Most importantly, if you are sick or unwell, please do not enter the store. Remember you can access supplies without coming into the store – phone us on 03 578 7801, email, or purchase online at
  2. The door at the entrance will be OPEN, so there is no need for you to touch the door to get in or out (we may review this as it gets colder!)
  3. You are asked to sanitise your hands upon entry to the store (sanitiser will be provided near the entrance if you do not have your own)
  4. We ask that you offer your full name, phone number and address to enable contact tracing. This information will be kept for this purpose only for a period of 8 weeks following your visit and then destroyed.
  5. Everybody is required to keep a minimum 1 metre distance from each other, staff and customers included. There will be regular markers on the floor to remind us of this distance.
  6. Our counter area nearest the till will be fitted with a plastic screen as a physical barrier where the 1m distancing might become difficult to enforce. The cutting areas remain open and we ask that the 1m distance is maintained here.
  7. You will find a sparkling Sewing Store that is cleaned and sanitised twice daily, as well as high touch areas being cleaned after every touch (door handles, railings, eftpos machines, till)
  8. Each staff member has their own set of tools, as well as their own work station, which minimises touch, but sometimes can lead to delays as we get used to not sharing things, or cleaning them after use – we ask for your understanding
    1. Please ensure all items are FRESHLY WASHED when they are brought to us
    2. Please ensure that we have clear instructions as to your requirements
    3. As per the Ministry of Health guidelines, we have face shields, and face masks which we will put on if contact closer than 1m is required to fit or pin your garments
    4. Consultations/fittings will be limited to 15 minutes
    5. The alterations area including fitting room will be disinfected after every use
  10. CLASSES: I am looking at re-starting the regular classes from the week beginning May 25th, but I will need some time to re-schedule the classes we have had to postpone, as well as set dates for a whole new term of classes. The Level 2 rules for classes are:
    1. Always maintain 1m distance, so 1 person per table ONLY
    2. Any shared or borrowed equipment will be cleaned and sanitised prior to use – where possible bring your own
    3. Class tutors will be wearing a face shield so that we can still get in close if necessary, and if you are comfortable with us doing so.

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