Maxi Embroidery Hoop

Maxi Embroidery Hoop

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The maxi embroidery frame (max. embroidery area 210 x 400 mm) facilitates special large embroidery motifs, motif combinations and borders. It has an ergonomic twist lock with a ratchet mechanism, for easy clamping and releasing of the material. This ensures the embroidery design is optimally secured in the hoop.The template that is included allows for exact alignment of the fabric. 

    BERNINA Maxi Hoop Compatible with the following

    The BERNINA Maxi Hoop is compatible with the BERNINA B 880 PLUS and B 790 PLUS. After installing the firmware update, the B 880, B 830, B 790, B 780, B 770 QE, B 750 QE and B 700 are also compatible with the BERNINA Maxi Hoop.

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