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Beautiful corded hemstitch

Binding fabric edges with or without cording
Creating finished edges with cording
To guide 5.5 mm cords, use the #20 foot
To guide 9 mm cords, use the #20C foot
For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

The Spanish Hemstitch Attachment #47 is the expert when it comes to sophisticated decorative techniques. This special accessory makes it a cinch to sew edging to skirts and other garments. Stitching fringe to curtains is also a breeze with the hemstitch attachment.

This accessory is also used to join individual pieces of fabric together when extending tablecloths or runners. The Spanish Hemstitch Attachment #47 is suitable for a variety of sewing machines. Simply attach presser foot #20 / 20C and the hemstitch attachment and choose a suitable stitch.

TIP:  simpler, forward-only stitches are better suited for this type of technique rather than complex stitch patterns with a lot of forward or reverse stitching.  
Sew decorative projects efficiently with the Spanish Hemstitch Attachment #47 – the expert at joining together neatened edges

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