BERNINA Q20 on PRO Frame: Small - Classic - Large

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BERNINA Q20 on PRO Frame: Small - Classic - Large

The BERNINA PRO Frame designed for the Q Series longarm machines. It’s robust and strong build handles the high speeds of longarm quilting easily.

For quality machine performance you need a frame, robust enough to handle the size and speed of the BERNINA Q Series longarm machines.

PRO Frame Large PRO Frame Classic PRO Frame Small PRO Frame
Size (length & depth) 12'11" x 3'11
3.93 x 1.2 m
11'11" x 3'11"
3.63 x 1.2 m
8'10" x 3'11"
2.7 x 1.2 m
Maximum quilt size ca. 120"
ca. 3.05 m
ca. 108"
ca. 2,75 m 
ca. 71"
ca.1,8 m
Leaders 132” / 11’
3.36 m
120” / 10’
 3.07 m
83” / 6.11"
2.12 m
Adjustable frame height 35” -  47”
0.9 - 1.2 m
35” - 47”
0.9 - 1.2 m
35” - 47”
0.9 - 1.2 m
Number of legs 6 6 4
Hydraulic Lift optional optional not available

Quilting made easy

  • Precise, regulated stitches (in BSR mode)
  • Four different modes for full flexibility
  • Simple customization via touch screen

Thanks to the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator you achieve perfect stitches at equal-length no matter which speed you move the fabric. A manual mode with no stitch regulation is also available.

Quilting without the foot control

  • Fatigue-free quilting whenever you like
  • Enjoy full comfort and relax your foot
  • Perfect for creating large projects

The KickStart function allows you to quilt continuously without having to hold down the foot control. The KickStart function can be easily activated or deactivated via touch screen.

Unique thread tension control

  • Adjust thread tension digitally
  • Presser foot tension release for threading ease
  • No external tension assembly required

The exclusive tension system features numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success, no external tension assembly required.

Ergonomics matter

  • Full operation from the front
  • Easy manual needle positioning

The machine can be fully operated from the front. The handwheel in the front allows for easy manual needle positioning. 

Beautiful stitches every time

  • Achieve precise stitching results
  • Stitches are always consistent
  • Perfection is the new standard

With high-speed precision stitching up to 2.200 stitches per minute, you will complete more quilts quicker than ever.

Working with bright lights

  • Naturally illuminated working area
  • Sufficient lighting even in darker rooms
  • Perfect illumination of the quilting area

50 bright LED lights along the throat space of the machine and above the needle illuminate the quilt for enhanced visibility.

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